Newsletter #2 - Mai 2020 - Barometer

- Ports de Haropa

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Maritime indicators:

Maritime container service rate (week 19): 88%

This rate is calculated on the number of commercial stopovers made in relation to the forecasts of regular lines, whether or not the vessel is in its weekly window.

Modal shift indicators:

Rail service rate (week 19): 80%

This rate represents the percentage of trains that ran each week compared to the total number of weekly services offered by HAROPA (66 returns a week ).
Changes in national rail freight service
SNCF network indicates that freight traffic at the national level is generally stable or even slightly up. One of the reasons for the improvement in the situation is the gradual recovery of the 3/8 staff pace 

Occupancy rate of storage space on container terminals on the Seine axis (week 20)

  • Le Havre 55%
  • Rouen (including ) 60%
  • Paris (Gennevilliers) 95%