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Inaugural call of the mega-container ship ‘HMM OSLO’

HMM OSLO à Port 2000Le Havre has welcomed one of the largest and newest container ships in the world. This is a new capacity record for the port of Le Havre.

During its inaugural voyage, the container ship HMM Oslo made a call at the Port of Le Havre on Tuesday, June 30. Of the megamax 24 type (24 bays and 24 rows), the new Korean HMM line ship (partner of the THE Alliance consortium since April 1st, 2020) is the first to be built by Samsung Heavy Industries and the second of its future fleet of twelve giants. The HMM Oslo is 400 meters long and 61.50 meters wide for a maximum draught of 16.50m. It has a capacity of 23 792 TEUs.

HMM Oslo is assigned to the service operated as part of the THE Alliance consortium (HMM, Hapag Lloyd, ONE and Yang Ming) on the Asia-Europe FE2 service. The HMM Oslo began its rotation on May, 8 in Busan, and continued with stops in Shanghai, Ningbo, Yantian and Singapore, then headed for Northern Europe. The Le Havre call took place at the Terminal de France, which is operated by the Générale de Manutention Portuaire (GMP).


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First call of a Megamax-24 at Le Havre

The port of Le Havre welcomed last Friday, June 19th one of the largest containerships in the world, the MSC MINA, as part of an Asia-Europe service operated by the 2M alliance.

This 400 m long and 61 m wide containership offers a total capacity of 23,656 TEU. It is the first vessel of more than 23,000 TEU to call at the port of Le Havre.

An "Extra Call" in Le Havre

The Moscow Maersk is a 20 600 TEU container ship assigned to the AE5 Albatros service which does not usually visit the port of Le Havre. This week, it will call at the TNMSC Terminal directly after passing through the Suez Canal.

This planned stopover is part of the 2M alliance's arrangements introduced under the effects of the pandemic on trade between Asia and Europe. Ship rotation cancellations (blank sailings) allow for rapid adjustment of transport supply capacity to lower demand and Xtra calls complement the scheme by partly mitigating the impact of blank sailings on the frequency of Asia-Europe services operated by this alliance on a given port, while optimising the loading rates of very high-capacity vessels. This operation is to be repeated in Le Havre.